Opening Day Ceremonies Itinerary & Skills Contest Registration
    Location: Sportsplex USA  Santee 
  1. Team Check In - Registration   
    What you need to bring to "Check In" 
  2. (Printed Roster off the USSSA website
  3. Birth Certificates 
  4. Proof of insurance, your insurance doc. can be uploaded to your teams page on the USSSA website )Team introductions (Teams will parade through Opening Day Ceremony Site, Team Banners are recommended. (banner sizes are typically 3 x 6) A free small banner will be supplied by San Diego USSSA
  5. Players wear cap and Jersey  a team banner is optional. 
  6. There will be game booths and vendor booths present
  7. Food and drinks will be available for purchase.
  8. This is the best time to trade pins or personal trading cards. Personal Trading Cards are available through Dinger