Date:  January 14-16  3 - Day Tournament 

Even Number of teams /three (3) pool play games into single elimination when division ends up with an even number of teams. All teams advance to playoffs into their prospected divisions (Gold, Silver, Bronze) 
Odd Number of teams / four(4) pool play games with top-seeded teams advancing to playoffs.

Event History 

This event is one of our most well-attended events with an average of 16 teams or more per division. 

Payment Options

Payments can be processed with a credit card through USSSA by clicking on the blue "Register & Pay Button" 

There is a 5% fee added to credit card transactions. 


Sweetwater  Complex, Bonita  200 Ft Fences
Lakeside Complex 
Sportsplexes - Poway & Santee
Field Photos 

Gate Fee: $5.00 - $8.00

Everyone 16 and older, including Coaches

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