Calendar of Events                                                                                                                                   
Full Payment due:  July 5th
Schedule Posted: July 21st
Opening Day July 26  9:00 AM at Santee Sportsplex  - Team "check in", managers meeting, skills contest.
Most games will begin July 27- Finals are on Saturday July 3oth.

Check In - Registration&  Managers Meeting  - Pitching Rules will be covered at the Managers Meeting 

         What you need to bring to "Check In"             Managers meeting will take place right after the team parade

  1. Printed Roster off the USSSA website (If your unable to print a roster,  please contact us. No "Hand Written Rosters" allowed.
  2. Birth Certificates (Copies)
  3. Proof of team insurance, your insurance doc. can be uploaded to your teams page on the USSSA website 
  4. Players wear cap and Jersey  a team banner is optional. 
  5. There will be game booths and vendor booths present
  6. Food and drinks will be available for purchase

        For Trading Pins we recommend  Affordable Trading Pins (661)388-0324

       Opening Day Ceremonies & Activities - Location: Sportsplex USA, Santee CA

      Team introductions and Parade -approximately at 10:00 am teams will parade through the Opening Day Ceremony Site,

      Team Banners are recommended. (banner sizes are typically 3 x 6) 
      Once all the teams have marched in.  A very short ceremony will take place. 


       There will be baseball equipment vendors and  fun activities for your players and there siblings to participate in. 

      Skills Contest Information  

Registration Form is on this page (scroll down)
Skills Contest will begin (30) Minutes after Opening  Day Ceremonies 

 All participants must be pre- registered and may only participate in one event.

Around the Horn (5) Players
Catcher will start with first throw to third base
- touch bag.

Third base throw to Second base- touch bag.

Second Base throws to First Base - touch bag,

First Base throws to Home - touch plate,

Catcher throws to Shortstop covering second base - touch bag.

Shortstop throws Home, Catcher - touch plate.

Home Run Derby 
Max (2) Players from each team 

Provide your own pitcher
Bat used must be age appropriate 
Team coach pitches 8 pitches 
(1) round 

Base Running

Max (3) Players

Fastest around the bases.

One second deduction for a missed base

       Accuracy Throw  

Max (3) Players from each team 

balls are thrown at a target board

Target Distance
40ft (8U -9U)    50ft (10U-12U   60ft (13U-14U)

5 throws best score wins

World Series Calendar of Events & Skills Contest Applications