Sportsplex USA Santee  July 23  Opening Day Ceremonies 
Sportsplex USA Santee  Games July 24-28 
Sportsplex USA Poway   Games July 24-28
Sweetwater Baseball Complex - Games July 24-28
Lakeside Baseball Complex - Games July 24-28

Tidelands Park - Games July 24- 28

Mater Dei High School
Grossmont High School

Vahalla High School

How far are the fields from downtown San Diego? All sites are no more then 30 minutes from downtown San Diego

USSSA Sanctioned 

Days for event  from  start to finish  6 days 

Rates                          Fields    Photos of Fields

 8U    $995   (Lakeside, Tidelands or Sweetwater)

 9U  $1095   (Lakeside, Tidelands or Sweetwater)
10U $1095   (Lakeside, Tidelands or Sweetwater)

11U $1195   (Lakeside)

12U $1195   (Sportsplex Santee or Poway)

13U $1295   (Sportsplex Santee or Poway)

14U $1295   (Sportsplex Santee &High School Fields) 

16U $1295   (High School Fields and College Field) 
18U Not offered

Skills Contest - Yes

Petco Park Pregame Parade - Yes  Click Here for Details 

Hotel Policy -  No Lodging  Policy

CSTT is the official hotel partner for San Diego USSSA baseball. They are a tournament sponsor so if a room block is required, please support our event by booking your rooms through them. They are guaranteed the lowest group rates for your team, and is a free service to use. You can submit your room request using the link below, or contact Jessica Beaudry at 1-866-861-8326 / Support of this free service helps to keep tournament costs low

Sportsplex USA Santee July 22 Opening Day Ceremonies 
Sportsplex USA Poway  July 22-23  Games on this two days only
No games at Sportsplex USA for the rest of the event after July 23

Coronado Island High School
Monte Vista High School
Steele Canyon High School
West Hills High School
San Pasqual High School
East Clairemont Athletic Fields

How far are the fields from downtown San Diego? 

 Most are within 35-40 minutes from downtown San Diego
last year teams traveled to games in Vista and Ramona 45 min to 1 hour from there hotels in San Diego

Days for this event from start to finish 6

Rates                      Fields   Photos of Fields 
08U - $1,095              ?  Not designated 
09U – $1,195              ? Not designated
10U – $1,195              ? Not designated
11U – $1,295              ? Not designated
12U – $1,295              ? Not designated
13U – $1,295              ? Not designated
14U – $1,295 (High School Fields)
15U - $1,350 (High School Fields)

16U – $1,350 (High Schoo Fields)

18U - $1,450 (Wood Bat Only)

Skills Contest  Yes

Petco Park Pregame Parade  - Yes

Hotel Policy - Yes there is a Lodging Policy for this event
For out of area teams, please remember that you must book with one of our partner hotels. If you cannot find a hotel suitable for you with one of our partner hotels give us a call. Please avoid third party bookings.Alternative Lodging Arrangements:If your team plans to make arrangements outside the lodging programs (i.e., to stay at an RV Park, with nearby relatives, etc.) Please contact the event director. Because the lodging program has already been discounted from tournament fees, teams that book alternative lodging can use the "Lodging Buyout Option" ($500 per team). (Applies mostly to out of area teams only)

As you consider attending a world series in San Diego this July, you will come across two options.

Both are in the same week in July, and there may be some confusion on who has what fields.

The chart below will help clear up a lot of questions